Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ag_in_TX's review of "All The King's Men" (Warren - 1947)

Since I have started this project, I have yet to read a book that was the type you stay up until 2 in the morning reading because you can't put it down - up until this one. As with my previous reviews, no plot summary as they are legion on-line - just my thoughts.

This was a classic tale of the individual who wants the best for people. He starts off trying to be the only honest politician and ends up a tragic figure consumed by his own lust for power. But even then, he is thinking of his people as he tries to get his hospital built.

His initial campaign is filled with details and plans of specifics of what he wants to do. But no one seems to care about details that will make government work. So, after an epiphany, he simply appeals to people's emotions. This reminded me greatly of politics today - to heck with substance - we all just want to be entertained and have 10 seconds sound bites. We have not matured much as a society since this the 30's.

I also enjoyed the journeys into the past and how they seemed to parallel the actions of characters in the present.

The tragic nature of how it all ends for each character is fitting - no one, no matter how clean they appear to be - has their skeletons in the closet.

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Rose City Reader said...

Like you, I ate up All the Kings Men. It has stuck firm on my list of Top 10 favorites.